Looking to capture your day with both photo and video? We have you covered! We work in partnership with an excellent and experienced videographer, Luke from Figmento Films. He works tirelessly (really, tirelessly we've seen him in action) to create a beautiful movie from your day to cherish for the rest of your life.


The trouble with hiring separate video and photo teams is that sometimes they can cross paths and have conflicting interests, and also adds lots of additional camera-wielding people to your day. By working together as a photo and video team you have fewer professionals present on your day, but still producing a comparable standard of work. The way we do this is we each know our roles thoroughly, and know-how to support each other when working against the clock. Harry works exclusively as a photographer and drone operator, Luke works solely on shooting the most important video scenes of the day, and Sarah who is the most multi-talented of the team works to fill in all the gaps, shooting b-roll video footage, snapping different angles for the photos.

one that offers you a team who work together seamlessly