We are Harry and Sarah and together we are Wandering Weddings UK. We are a down-to-earth and approachable pair who make wedding photography a fun, relaxed, and unobtrusive experience. We always put our clients first during their wedding by being super flexible, really friendly, and easy-going (we never get stressed), being diligent and meticulous in our work, and ensuring we get your images retouched and returned to you within our 28-day image return guarantee.

 Harry: "Sarah first became interested in photography the same way that I did - through a love of nature. She adores being out on the mountains, on a beach, or out under the stars with her camera and tripod. Turns out she's also awesome at taking pictures of people and making them feel super relaxed while doing so! I think I most envy how easy she finds naturally posing clients to get the most real and beautiful images of them."



Self PortraitSelf Portrait

Sarah: "Harry is a talented photographer who is passionate about astrophotography and pinhole film photography. He has a bizarre range of film cameras made of wood, cardboard, and beer cans that somehow produce pretty awesome photos, plus a few actual film cameras. Professionally, I am a bit jealous of his outstanding wedding portfolio, he has an amazing ability to capture those meaningful candids!"